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What we do for IT organisations

IT companies are facing new challenges everyday : fiercer competition, more demanding clients, price pressure... and growing scarcity of competent resources. You have gathered around you the best people you could find.

We can help you make the best of that team.

For IT departments to be an engine of digital transformation, it likely needs to transform itself first: leaner operations, more efficient processes, modern tooling... and a more service-oriented workforce.

This is exactly what we can help you with.

Here are three examples of engagements >>

Improve project performance for an ERP integrator
Discover the causes for project under-performance. Implement new processes and implement an up-skilling plan for sales, project managers and consultants.
Result > Project portfolio profitability restored within the year.
Better change management in a bank's IT department
Identify the causes for business dissatisfaction with IT. Implement new processes and tools. Coach department leads and shadow IT project managers.
Result > Increased positive response of the business as from pilot project.
Sharpen client-centricity of an IT service provider
Assess inputs from management and stakeholders. Implement new organisation. Coach department leads, shadow managers and train all consultants.
Result > Targets achieved in employee and client satisfaction surveys.

Optimising the performance of IT Organisations

By improving the efficiency of your people first, then of your systems, processes and tools









To bring value as an IT Organisation in this new digital reality, that is to innovate, sell or deliver, you only have 4 things you can work with as a leader: people, systems, processes and tools. And the people aspect is – as could be expected – the most important. That is why we at WinIgnite, have created the right services for your organisation. Learn more

A unique combination in IT

To secure service excellence and client satisfaction

Our consultants have a proven track record in IT organisations leadership. They follow a robust approach and methodology that is tailored to the needs and constraints of the IT business. Mixed with inspirational people skills, this is the unique combination you need to support you in your role as an IT organisation leader.

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A Word from the Founders

Careers dedicated to service excellence and client satisfaction


Peter Janssens

"After decades in sales and leadership, I came to the conclusion that what separates the great companies from the rest is their ability to build a trusting environment by connecting all stakeholders at the deepest levels."

Jean-Paul Delmeire

"Digital transformation is a buzz word sometimes hiding the necessity to remember that age-old principles of professional effectiveness, delivery excellence and client satisfaction still have to be applied to new environments."

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