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Complex Interactions Made Simple

Talent development that wins clients

Ignite Talents

Sales People, Marketing Practitioners and Service Professionals need to sharpen their human skills in order to be efficient in the new digital reality. WinIgnite has defined a Talent Development Program for them, addressing the required attitude, skills, knowledge and environment.

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Win Clients

Your business needs to remain vigilant on its practices to win and retain clients. Expectations are higher than ever and the speed of business in a digital world makes it difficult to focus on the essential. WinIgnite has defined an interaction model that addresses in this context all the steps of client relationship building: show care, empathise, add value and build trust.

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A Word from the Founders

Why WinIgnite is what business needs to really improve customer experience.


Peter Janssens

"After decades in sales and leadership, I came to the conclusion that what separates the great companies from the rest is their ability to build a trusting environment by connecting all stakeholders at the cognitive and emotional levels."

Jean-Paul Delmeire

"Digital transformation is a buzz word hiding the necessity to remember that age-old principles of effective communication between humans have to be constantly applied to new communication channels."

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